Sunday, December 16, 2007

Google gives out secret trick to Improve CTR!!

One of the best tricks to improve your CTR (click threw rate), is to constantly make changes to your ads.

I don't know how many of you even know about the option you have in your Adsense account, to select multiple color palettes, for 1 Adsense ad.

What does this option do, how does it work, and why should I use it?

It's very simple. Instead of you manually changing the way your ad looks every now and then, you can set it to be automatic, so it changes constantly with out you needing to do a thing.

You'll have to ask Google exactly how it works.. But what I know is that it simply modifies the code which is generated, to have the option of changing the color palette.

Why should you use it?! That's a good one..
Ok Ok.. I'll explain..

Assuming your site has visitors who come back to your site, or even if you don't, and most of your visitors are first timers and will never come back again, it is good to have a variety of ads. Different ad colors attract different people, and it is good to mix and change constantly.
People who come back to a site they have visited before, will suddenly notice a slight change in your site, and then they will look for the change, and see the different ad. Which means they got attracted to the ad (which is good).

Now, since I know you'd love to have a screen shot tutorial of this terribly complicated process, I have created one.. I made it extremely easy to follow so you'll all be happy.

You can find it right Here.

That's the end of this tip/trick..
I know you liked it, but I still like to hear comments..!