Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to choose colors for adsense ads?? Where to Place adds??

The best way to get highest revenue... Carefully choose colors..
The most important thing in adsense is the colors. You should choose colors for your adds very carefully. You can have your ads displayed in any color you want. Google adsense has very nice tool that lets you choose color which suits your website the most. Colors of your ads have very great impact on any adsense user.

The best way to trick user is choose colors and fonts which matches your website or blog's background. That way most of the user will think that adds as a part of your site and click on that.

Where to put adds? (Location of adds is important)
Location of adds is another important factor. Here are some tricks for location.

Place adds between the content, so that user will click on the adds by thinking that it is the part of your website or blog.

You can also use horizontal and vertical link units such a way that user thinks that it is a menu of your website only.

If your site has more repeat users they can easily diffrenciate between adds and content of your site. In that case you can keep changing the colors and/or location of your adds to make them click on your adds by mistake.

Finallly... Research says that adds on the top part of site earn much much better then any other adds, because user can reach those adds without scrolling down. Also that will be the first part of the website that user will notice.

It doesn't mean that you should not put adds at the end or on the left or right. Some time adds at the end also helps. Because by the time user reaches at the end of your site he may be prepared to close your website or check something else related to your topic. So if he sees some adds of his interest at the end, it is quite possible that he will click on that.