Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to drive more traffic to your website...

Search Engine Optimization is the key...

Almost 90% visitors to your website comes through search engines. To make your site search engine friendly is easy.

First identify all the keywords for which you want your site to appear on the search engine. (read my previous blog about finding highest paying keywords.)

Some Basic Steps...(Meta tags...Title tag...Content...)

Now once you find the keywords, try to include those keywords in your website's description. Keep most important keywords in your websites title tag. Also include all the possible keywords to reach your website that you think of, into your website's meta tags. Meta tags, title tags and page content description are some of the basic parts in Search engine optimization.

Also use strong tag to make your keywords bold in your website's content. Try to provide alt text in all the images that you are using on the website, because search engine can't read images.

Submit your website to Search Engines...

Once you optimize your website.. this is the time to submit your website to different search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. After few days all the search engine crawler will start crawling your website and index your pages. So finally your website is in the search engine's list. Now its time to get top position in the search result.

Directory Submission... Get Back links... Build your pagerank...
Google assign pagerank to all the website. Page rank depends on how many websites are linking to your website. That is called backlinks. To get backlinks you can include your website's link into your other website or blogs. You can also exchange links with your friends.
But this is not enough. You can submit your website to various open directories which provides free service to list your website. After you submit your website to directories, next time when search engine crawls that directory it will locate your link and will count it as a back link to your website. Once you have enough backlinks search engine will assigne you some pagerank and also it will count your website more important then others in search results as your page rank is higher.