Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to get maximum earning adds on your website.

Get Maximum paying keywords on your website...
If your website is displaying keywords with wery low cost then it is quite possible that you endup earning nothing after even getting 100 clicks to your website.
So Try to get maximum paying keywords displayed on your website. Nothing can assure you that adsense will show maximum paying keywords on your site.. but you can atleast try to get some.

How to find maximum paying keywords? ?

To find maximum paying keywords go to and click on Cost and payment link. Enter Keyword or phrase that is related to your website and in max CPC box enter 100. Now click on get more keywords button, it will give you list of keywords that are related to your specified keyword and also show CPC for those keywords. Find some good keywords from their and try to integrate it into your website. So whenever Google crawls your website's content to display relevant adds, it is quite possible that it will display adds with highest paying keywords on your website.

If you don't get results keep trying this until you get more paying adds on your site. If you want to earn more keep experimenting.