Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Define Success Before You Start

Do we cheer on the underdog when we watch a movie? Of course we do. Something inside of us wants to see that individual succeed against whatever odds they face? Why? Because in every underdog we see a bit of ourselves.

If they can succeed then maybe we can, too. If they can take on the world and win maybe there is personal hope after all.

Of course no one wants to admit that, but I think it’s true.

For most the definition of success is finding a sense of financial freedom. That doesn’t have to be thought of in terms of being ‘filthy rich’. Many would simply be happy to have fewer debts and a greater potential to enjoy the time and wealth they have acquired with individuals that mean something to them.

These are the people I want to talk to. These are the individuals that may be prime candidates for a change in direction.

The struggle many face when it comes to achieving success financially is knowing when you have reached enough finances. I know there are some that argue you can never have enough, which is why it makes sense to try to understand up front what your concept of financial success will be.

For instance a person with a desire to own a 25 room mansion, boats and expensive cars will have a different definition of success than another who is more interested in making sure the house is paid off and the kids can go to college.

Find your comfort zone and adjust your goals accordingly. Find a balance for business and personal goals.

You also need to know what you will be trading away for success. For instance if your idea of success requires eighteen hour work days to achieve then there will likely be failures in terms of relationships and long-term health.

You either need to work smarter or adjust what you will accept in terms of success.

I don’t know that this side of moneymaking is mentioned a lot, but it is important especially if you have family involved. There will always be a learning curve in the development of any moneymaking idea and it will take time to manage once it is developed. Do you honestly have the time to commit to the upkeep of the idea?

We all need to make money to live and improve the lives of our families. We all need a little extra to find ways to enjoy life. We all have debts we would like to retire.

This is why a site like this is needed. Money is not evil and it’s not the enemy. It is simply a tool that allows us to accomplish goals and realize dreams. It can be used to help others and it can be used to provide a better future for our families.

Ingenuity in moneymaking is seen most prominently online in the 21st century. This is the perfect environment to explore ideas and craft a plan for success. You won’t get anywhere without a plan and you will never find ultimate success until you learn to define it before you chase it.


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